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「九鳥蛙古董館」不只售賣古董珍品,更是分享收藏和藝術設計的地方。古董古物都是藝術品,魅力蘊藏在獨一無二細節中,我們希望把上世紀的優雅風尚重新帶到今天⋯⋯ 「九鳥蛙古董館」從世界各地收藏不同時代的古董飾物,經過翻新和修復,有時會加上自己的設計和改裝, 並以大眾接受的相宜價錢出發,讓每人也有機會體驗古品穿戴身上的獨特藝術感和魅力。 “Nine Bird Frog Antiques” is not only selling antiques/ vintage collections, but a place to share art piece from all over the world and different ages. We are doing polish, repair, and design on some too old or damaged antiques, Upcyling, whilst creating a unique and interesting style for the modern antiques/ vintage enthusiasts..... Nine Bird Frog Antiques is aimed at sharing antique/ vintage items to the public in acceptable price so everyone can have chances to experience the old artistic world, appreciating the uniqueness and aesthetic feeling found in all of everyday items. 「九鳥蛙」的由來,就是希望讓大家能夠穿越不同的時空,去到不同的時代,尋找到一份獨一無二的物品,細心留意店內的物品,無論是一件小首飾或是一隻手錶,以至是一件衣服或擺設,都是一種藝術的體現,由人手從設計到製造,注重每一絲細節的工序,也帶有一種獨特的魅力,這並不是現今社會大量生產的東西所能相比。 每一件手工製作的物品,即使放上了一定的歲月,也並不會減去當中的價值,相信這就是令人愛上古董的原因,它代表著一份製作人的心血,也代表著擁有者的一個故事,愈是有著悠久歲月的,其中所付托的意義愈是深遠,它或許是由你手上送給最深愛的人,再由你的子女繼續傳承給下一代。 Nine Bird Frog Antiques is kind of like the wonderland into which Alice dreamwalked. Once you enter the gates, you will meet all sorts of dolls, jewellery, clothes, and countless treasures. Many items carry a fairy tale motif, such as the Victorian-styled dolls, jewellery and decorations with unicorn and botanical patterns, classical pocket watches and wrist watches, elegant long dresses, and even some funny cushions. The display makes customers feel like they just cannot stop watching as they have entered a place between the surreal and the real. The namesake of “Nine Bird Frog” has to do with the hope of letting people wander through different times and spaces to discover that unique item. Be meticulous with items in the shop. Even for a small jewellery or a watch or a piece of clothing or decoration, it is art manifested. From manual design to making, every detail resulted in the process carries an ubiquitous charm. The mass-produced goods nowadays cannot even compare. Every handmade item, even after enduring ages, does not depreciate in value. And, I believe, that is what makes people fall in love with antiques. Each piece represents the hopes and dreams of the makers, as well as the stories of its owners. The longer the ownership, the deeper the meaning it was endowed. Perhaps it is what you give to your most beloved, and then passed on to your children to continue the legacy generation after generation.